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Prick-Fri an effective biocide to eliminate black spots caused by mildew on painted wooden fasades. Most frequent grade mold Cladisporium, which grows as in paint and paint in the cracks.


Prick-Fri used on all types of paint. Not adversely affect building materials. Not corrode mineral materials. In case of doubt regarding mold growth should include an analysis of paint and the base material. In response, together with an analysis must be accompanied by advice to perform work appropriate to the obekta.Esli mold grows in the lower layers of paint or if the mold is sitting in a tree in under the paint, then one treatment with Prick-Fri not help. Necessary, for example, clean the surface of the paint against the growing process and then repaint. The sample for analysis with a description of surface area can be sent to the company. How to use:

Prick-Fri applied by brush, brush or sponge and rubbed into the surface. Process and leave the surface for at least one day, preferably bolshe.Esli surfaces are repainted, you then wash with Målningstvätt, and if you do not have to change color, you should use Underhållstvätt. after treatment. Moisten the surface with water before applying the detergent and then clean the surface with a brush. The treatment should be repeated until no mold. Then, the surface should be dried for 2 weeks to okrashivaniya.Tsvety, grass must be covered, so a means of influence on chlorophyll plants. Dilution:

Dilute with water 1:2. Can also be used in undiluted form, where the surface is extremely damaged habitat.

Consumption :0,2-0, 25l per 1m ². One liter of Prick-Fri enough to 15m ²


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Prick-R 1L
One liter of 15m ²
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