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Grön-Fri against algae, moss, lichen, and against the blue of the tree.


On all types of surfaces such as facades, roofs, stone paths, wooden floors, walls, roofs. The surfaces of the following building materials: plaster, stone, brick, concrete, roof asbestos cement, sheet metal, roof, colored or colorless tree (even impegrirovannoe pressurized wood), plastic, fabric, etc. Grön-Fri advantage is that tool can also be used with a warning purpose.


When processing with Grön-Fri growth die immediately. Then it can take up to 4 years before anything can bring forth on the surface, depending on the material surface and its properties. Grön-Fri not be adversely affected by construction materials. If you have problems with black dots (Cladiosporium) to paint: ppoverhnostyah is recommended Jape Prick-fri.

Method of application: Grön-Fri, applied by painting or pulevizatorom low pressure direct jet to severe moisture surface. Avoid processed frozen surfaces or if rain is expected within 12 hours. Weather on open surfaces, such as the roof, the remains disappear with time, there is no need to process later. Painted on vertical surfaces such as facades, is required in most cases to the surface is washed to the complete disappearance of residues. Let Grön-Fri affect at least day before the surfaces are cleaned. Flowers and plants have to covering, as a means of influence on chlorophyll plants. The collected rainwater from roofs, mixed with Grön-Fri, should not be used for irrigation or should not translate into horticultural dam. When processing large growths of moss roofs should come off in advance. In processing the spray is recommended for respiratory protective mask (filter P2) as sputtered particles can irritate the respiratory system and cause sneezing. It is also necessary to use protective gloves and safety glasses.

Dilution: 1 part Grön-Fri divorce with 4 parts water.

Consumption: 0.20-0.25 liters of finished solution per 1m2, depending on the material, the work surface. 1 liter Grön-Fri, diluted to 5 liters of the prepared solution is enough for 25m2. (1 liter of solution is enough for 5-6m2)

Active ingredient: N-Alkybensyldemitilammoniumklorid (C8-C10) 80 g / l

Keep protected from frost.



Art nr

Pieces in box
Grön-Fri, 1L
5 liters is enough for about 25m ²
Grön-Fri, 5L
25 liters is enough for about 125m ²
Grön-Fri, 20L
125 liters is enough for about 500m ²
Grön-Fri Proffs, 5L
75 liters is enough for about 375m ²
Grön-Fri Proffs, 20L
375 liters is enough for about 1500m ²

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