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Biosecurity for your home

Swedish company Jape Produkter AB leader in biosecurity. All the latest technologies and developments in biosecurity and microbiology in products FRI-series. All products have a certificate of quality and safe for humans and animals.

The best antiseptic

Jape Est OÜ is the hottest product on the Scandinavian market: biosecurity products for your home and garden. FRI-series is used as an antiseptic of wood, concrete and brick walls, roofs, slate, tile, and metal.

Integrated solutions for the home

The entire series is designed for controlling undesirable vegetation on the roofs, façades, in damp areas to remove mold, blue stain on the tree, and as an antiseptic wood, brick and concrete walls and foundations.

JAPE: Anti-mold, anti-fungal, anti-moss.

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Jape Est OÜ

Marati 5, TALLINN 11712

Call us: +372 661 0116

E-mail: info@jape.eu

Facebook: japeest

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