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Sanera Enzym.

To remove odors of organic materials. Such as urine, vomit, feces, food waste, milk, animal odors, etc. Also, to remove blood stains, coffee, etc. for use in toilets, urinals, sinks to the floor, in the kitchen, for industrial and public sanitation smells.

Contains active enzymes that break down organic matter, thereby ending the smells, in some cases, and the stain disappears. PH 7.0. Color: white. Perfumed. The smell of mint.

How to use: For working fluid enough to dilute the remedy 1:10-20 parts of water, depending on the contamination.

Removes odor
Any surface
Spray or rag
1 liter of 10-20L water
Depends on the surface


 Limited surface with a very strong odor:

Apply concentrate on the surface with a hand sprayer, brush or something similar. Repeat treatment at regular intervals, such as every day, until no odor. The surface can be additionally treated on a regular basis to prevent the new smells, if necessary.

Large areas with less odor:

Dilute the product with 1:10-20 parts water. Treat the surface with a mop or cloth without washing after.

Pipes, sewage, etc.:

Pour 0.2 to 0.5 liters of undiluted sewage system. In subsequent treatments, poured 0.1 liters of the sewage system, at regular intervals, such as once a week (before the smell is back.) The treatment should be carried out, then when the objects are used. Avoid rinsing and washing immediately after treatment.

Textiles, carpets (smells and stains of organic origin):

Thoroughly clean the work surface with a brush, then dilute the product with 20 parts of water and apply to the surface to be cleaned using a brush or something similar. Then apply the concentrate onto the soiled surface. If the stain still remains, it is necessary to cover the cloth or plastic to a slower drying. With the disappearance of the spot, the surface with clean water and wipe with a dry cloth.

In the box
1 Liter
Depends on the surface
5 Litres
Depends on the surface
0.5 liter
Depends on the surface
0.2 liters
Depends on the surface


Our animals are purchased Enzym.

used indoor
from what destroyes odor
method of application sprayer or brush
dilution 1L: 20L water
consumption depending on the surface


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