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For the destruction of mold and mildew inside the premises.

Mögel-Fri an effective biocide with low environmental impact. Designed to remove fungal spores on wood, concrete, plaster, plaster and other building materials, both indoors and outside the house. Areas of use: attics, basements, baths, walls, floors, etc. Mögel-Fri also used to clean and remove odors of microbial contamination and can be used as a preventive measure, as it has a long period of active influence. Contains UV-active compounds for a better view of the surface.


Mögel-Fri can be used on all types of surfaces. Not adversely affect the building materials. Mögel-Fri effective against all kinds of mold, stain, protects against fungi as inside buildings and outside.

How to use:

Mögel-Fri evenly applied with low pressure spray, brush, brush, roller or sponge. Growths immediately "fade" and a means of sterilizing the surface. Leave Mögel-Fri at least one day on the surface, then clean off the build-up if necessary with a brush or rinse.


Mögel-Fri contain UV-active substances that can visually see the treated surface with a UV lamp. The room should be darkened. The surface must be illuminated UV light in the range of 350 mm. The distance between the lamp and the surface varies from a few cm for dark materials to about 50 cm for light materials. You always have to be a part of the raw surface as a basis for comparison. For very dark material, the effect of UV-active substances may be small. The paper in the drywall may contain traces of bleach, which are visible when irradiated with UV light.


0.2-0.25 liters per 1m ² depending on the surface. One liter Mögel-Fri enough for about 5 m²

Respiratory protection use (filter P2), as well as gloves and goggles when spraying this product. May irritate the respiratory tract and cause sneezing.


Do not freeze. Store in tightly closed original container. Do not eat inside, even diluted. Shake well before use. Keep out of reach of children.

Art nr
Pieces in box
Mögel-Fri, 1L
Does not require dilution with water
Mögel-Fri, 5L
Does not require dilution with water
Mögel-Fri, 20L
Does not require dilution with water

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